An ISIS terrorist was attacked with a knife in New Zealand. The terrorist was killed within a few seconds. As per the details now released, the same terrorist was acquitted by the New Zealand High Court last July. The evidence in the video released by the police was not accepted by the High Court at that time.
The identity of the IS terrorist who stabbed six people in New Zealand’s Auckland supermarket with a knife has been revealed. The terrorist was under surveillance for the last three days. The name of the 7-year-old terrorist was Ahmed Athi Mohammad Samsuddin. He was a native of Sri Lanka and had been living in New Zealand since 2011. He is under the watch of security agencies since 2012. All his activities were found suspicious. He was arrested in 2012 and sent to jail. He spent three years in prison. At that time the court had refused to disclose the reasons for his stay in jail.
The IS terrorist was released by a New Zealand judge last July. The police charged him and released a video of him raising religious slogans as part of a conspiracy to carry out the attack. However, the court did not uphold this. The court announced the decision to release the IS terrorist. Although the police placed him in the high-risk category, the court ordered his release and assigned a local mosque to recover the terrorist.
The court prohibited the terrorist from purchasing any electronic device. Also he has to report to the police station from time to time. He will not be able to go to public functions. He had to fulfill all the conditions to stay in isolation. The terrorist had drunk all the orders of the High Court. He started his terrorist activities soon after his release from jail. His release from jail has stunned the High Court.