Democrat Kathy Hochul, current Lieutenant Governor of New York, will become the first woman to lead the state after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced her resignation on Tuesday. Photo: EFE / EPA / Peter Foley

Upcoming New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday (11) that during her tenure there will be no employees left involved in the “toxic” work environment observed in Andrew Cuomo’s government, which resigned after accusations of sexual harassment.

“I think it’s clear that the governor and I are not close, physically or otherwise,” commented Hochul, who is still vice-governor, in his first public appearance since the day before, when Cuomo announced his resignation. , which will be effective in two weeks.

Hochul said he would work on building his own government team and anticipated he would make significant changes in cabinet makeup.

According to her, her government will have no one involved in the unethical acts described in the state attorney general’s report into the alleged cases of Cuomo’s harassment and his attempts to cover up the allegations.

This investigation, which ultimately triggered the governor’s resignation, described a toxic environment within the cabinet, with a work culture marked “by intimidation, fear and intimidation on the one hand and on the other. share, through the normalization of frequent flirtation and gender. – based on comments. by the governor “.

“At the end of my term, when I’m done, no one will describe my administration as a toxic work environment,” Hochul said.

The vice governor, who has worked alongside Cuomo since 2015, assured that she was not aware of any issues in the work environment until the charges came to light. Hochul stressed that the two were never close and that she spent a lot of time visiting different parts of the state.

Hochul said it would remain his style: travel the state, “listen first and take decisive action later.”

“My promise to all New Yorkers, here and now, is that I will fight for you every day,” said the 62-year-old politician, who will become the first woman to lead the government of the United States. State.