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He is embroiled in an ongoing investigation into the sexual assault of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the United States. The allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by 11 women at different times have been confirmed. The state attorney general’s report said Andrew Cuomo had broken the law and did what he didn’t want to do to maintain the dignity of his position. After pleading guilty to a five-month investigation, Cuomo flatly refused to resign, despite pressure from the US Congress, including President Biden, to resign as governor of New York.

An ongoing investigation against the governor of New York has found that allegations of sexual assault leveled against him by 11 women at different times have been confirmed. President Joe Biden has asked his Democratic Party’s Andrew Cuomo to step down as governor after state Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation report surfaced. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand have also pushed for Andrew Cuomo to resign as governor.

The leader of the state assembly said that Cuomo could not remain governor. They may also seek impeachment proceedings against Cuomo. Despite enormous pressure to resign, 9-year-old Andrew Cuomo has tried to defend himself by denying the allegations in a video statement. He said that the reality is quite different from the present picture. He never touched anyone with bad intentions or undue sexual harassment. Cuomo called the investigation against him politically motivated and discriminatory.

This is Andrew Cuomo’s third term as governor. He has been in this position continuously since 2011. Andrew Cuomo is a senior leader of the Democratic Party. At one point, he was even seen as a potential president. It has been said in the inquiry report that the environment of the Governor’s office is not conducive to working. Not only that, the first woman to publicly allege sexual harassment was also prosecuted for revenge. Kuomo was given charge of malicious touching, teasing and kissing several women.

The report released by the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James details Cuomo’s behavior. It said that Cuomo was touching women with bad intentions. In addition, he is also accused of kissing women and making indecent remarks. According to reports, Cuomo talked for 15 minutes and most of the time he avoided saying anything on the matter. One thing is clear, Cuomo plans to remain in office and denies allegations of sexual assault. The governor said he would appoint a sexual harassment specialist to train his staff.