In October last year, we told you that Magisk in its Canary version was already compatible with Android 12, an unstable version that opened an important door for rooting in the latest version of Android. Version v24 is coming now, a stable beta candidate, as long as users don’t report bugs during these days.

With this release, Android 12 is supported in the standard version of Magisk, along with the introduction of Zygisk, a feature that will make Magisk even more versatile and capable than ever. We tell you what’s new in this version.

A great day for Android root

Released Magisk v24.0 🎉🎉

Available on the Public Beta Channel. I’ll wait a few days, and if all goes well, I’ll post it on the stable channel.

— John Wu (@topjohnwu) January 26, 2022

In case anyone is lost, Magisk is currently the best tool for rooting Android, as it was in the days of SuperSu. In addition to allowing the phone to be rooted by passing tests such as SafetyNet, thus circumventing the limitations of apps that cause problems for rooting, Magisk is compatible with several modules that allow advanced system modifications.

With the new Magisk update, v24, comes official support for Android 12 and a cool feature called Zygisk. Zygisk is Magisk’s operation on top of Zygote, one of Android’s special processes, which enables code sharing in Dalvik and ART, the Android application runtime environment.

By avoiding the technical details, Zygisk allows developers to create more efficient modules, preloading the resources they need into system memory to improve performance and runtime. This is one of the biggest changes to Magisk, opening the door to better and better mods.

The creator of the app assures that this version will be released as stable if there are no bugs in the next few days. If you don’t want to wait, you have this version on the GitHub from Topjohnwu, the developer of this tool.