At the last CES 2022 in January, Samsung officially showed off a new multimedia projector with a curious portable, compact and lightweight design that could be placed anywhere to display content, both indoors and outdoors.

It was The Freestyle, a compact, cylindrical-shaped model that the manufacturer itself says is “designed for Gen Z and Millennials”, combining a projector, smart speaker and ambient lighting device. in the same device.

We had not heard of this device until now, when the manufacturer announced more technical characteristics and indicated its arrival in Spain for next March for a price of less than 1,000 euros.

Samsung Le Freestyle, technical specifications

Samsung Freestyle

kind of team

portable projector

diagonal size

up to 100 inches

Audio system

built-in, dual woofer


USB-PD and an output of 50W/20V or more


Built-in smart TV, LED lamp, voice control


less than 1 kg


999 €

The Freestyle is not a traditional style floodlight, as it is designed for home off-road use, both inside and outside the home in areas such as patios, gardens , etc It has auto-calibration and auto-leveling features that let you automatically adjust your screen to any surface from any angle.

For this it is helped by an autofocus function that allows the image to remain sharp wherever we project the image, such as on a wall, ceiling, tiled wall, etc., providing maximum diagonal 100 inches.

Weighing less than 1 kilo, it allows us to transport it easily and, unlike more conventional models, its support offers a rotation of up to 180 degrees, which gives the possibility of displaying videos practically anywhere without having to need an independent screen.

The Freestyle doubles as a smart speaker of sorts, featuring a dual passive woofer that enhances low frequencies and 360-degree omnidirectional audio output for room-filling sound. In addition, he is able to analyze music to combine visual effects that can be projected on the wall.

Although we can use it directly connected to an electrical outlet, it is compatible with power banks that support USB-PD and an output of 50W/20V or more, so users can take it when traveling, camping , in the garden or in a second home.

The Freestyle can also serve as an LED ambient lighting system, featuring an “ambient mode” that can display multiple combinations of light and sound, to create different visual concepts and atmospheres.

Regarding its multimedia capabilities, the equipment offers some of the Smart TV functions present in Samsung televisions, such as access to integrated streaming services, file playback and mirroring and streaming functions compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. .

It also includes far-field voice control, letting you choose between different voice assistants, including Bixby when used hands-free.

Price and availability

The Freestyle will be available in Spain the first week of March 2022, through the manufacturer’s website and the usual points of sale, with a recommended price of 999 euros. We can also buy an additional cover which will have a price of 59 euros.

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