Apple has just added several new options for the high-end Mac Pro, these are the Radeon Pro W6800X and W6900X series, which can be priced up to 13,340 € maximum in their most powerful range. This option replaces the Radeon Pro Vega II graphics that the model debuted with.

Three new graphics modules for the Mac Pro

Jake Krol is a CNN tech reporter who echoed the change. According to him, the new configuration should give a 23% increase in DaVinci Resolvedlas and an 84% increase in Octane X compared to previous Radeon Pro Vega IIs. The combinations of the new graphics cards are as follows, with their prices in euros:

These should offer big performance improvements like up to 23% faster performance in DaVinci Resolve and 84% faster in Octane X. Imagine the mileage here varies. These will be available for individual order or for a custom #MacPro.

– Jake Krol (@ Jake31Krol) August 3, 2021 Radeon Pro W6800X with 32 GB of memory: 2,760 euros. Two Radeon Pro W6800X with 32 GB of memory each: 5,980 euros. Radeon Pro W6900X with 32 GB of memory: 6,440 euros. Two Radeon Pro W6900X with 32 GB of memory each: 13,340 euros. Radeon Pro W6800X Duo with 64 GB of memory: 5,290 euros. Two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo with 64 GB of memory each: 11,040 euros.

These prices are in addition to the base model of the Mac Pro, which starts at 6,499 euros. Krol assures that these modules will be available soon to purchase them separately and add them to an already purchased Mac Pro. Although they are not on Apple’s website at the moment.

Apple usually updates models like the Mac Pro with additional options, to keep it as up to date as possible without having to renew all of the equipment. This small update looks like the last one until we see the new Mac Pros expected in 2022.