Various departments and companies announced the package

China fears rising population: cash rewards, baby bonuses, paid holidays, tax relief and subsidies besides

Beijing: China is currently facing a population crisis. Once China was able to control population growth due to its strict population control policy, but now most of China’s population is aging.

As a result of this, China is trying new ways to increase its population and increase its population. In China, if a couple gives birth to their third child, they will receive benefits including cash prizes, baby bonuses, paid leave, tax relief and subsidies.

In a report in the Times of Israel, Fabian Bossart, president of the CPFA Organization for Political and Foreign Affairs, claims that China is developing new strategies to allow a Chinese couple to have a third child. Various organizations and local bodies are now entrusted with the task of promoting various government officials and employees working in different companies.

Beijing Dabinong Technology Group is offering its employees a cash prize of up to 90,000 yuan (up to Rs 10,61,178), up to 12 months of maternity leave and nine days of paternity leave. Online travel company has also announced similar benefits. China will increase its GDP by 2035, it is adopting several strategies, including doubling the youth population.