Another source, this time 9to5Mac, adds to the basket of filters that add to the chances of seeing a new redesigned iPad mini in the months to come. The tablet, according to the source, carries the model code J310 and will adopt some of the features of professional models.

New design, more power and more accessories

The main change will be internal: it seems that the iPad mini will ship the A15 chip that should be released with the iPhone 13. This should give the device much more power than the current model launched in October 2019, but not to the point. to have to talk about an ‘A15X’ chip which will focus more on other models.

We’ll also say goodbye to the Lightning port, which will be replaced by a USB-C port. This would ensure that Lightning would only stay on the standard 10.2-inch iPad: USB-C would take over from the tablet by providing connectivity to many other accessories. As long as iPadOS is supported, of course.

Another connector that we have been able to see on the iPad mini is a Smart Connector, which may lead to the arrival of some sort of official keyboard on the tablet, although due to its size it should be quite small. 9to5Mac claims that it’s enough to imagine a smaller iPad Air to get a good mental idea of ​​what we’ll have with the new iPad mini.

We could see this iPad mini in the fall, perhaps presented with the iPhone 13 (September 14?) Or maybe later taking advantage of the fact that we are still waiting for the redesign of the MacBook Pro.