WhatsApp continues to expand the ecosystem of computers on which it can be run and while the latest improvement project has enabled it to be used on tablets and PCs independent of mobile, it is now computers that are benefiting again with the arrival of WhatsApp Desktop Beta.

An application that could already be installed on mobile platforms, both iOS and Android, in order to access improvements and new features before they reach the general version. Changes in advance that can now also be tested in WhatsApp Desktop Beta on Windows and macOS.

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows and macOS

Preview messages as audio before sending them

And before continuing it is interesting to make a difference and differentiate WhatsApp Desktop. They are both similar, they look and feel the same, and they operate virtually the same. But while the web version requires a browser to function, WhatsApp Desktop works as a standalone app.

The objective of WhatsApp Desktop is none other than to allow users to test new functions before launching them to the general public and thus check the acceptance, operation, if problems are generated … a possibility that until now was limited to mobile applications.

Now the beta test channel is coming to WhatsApp Desktop, the version for Windows of which can be downloaded from this link while the corresponding version for macOS can be downloaded from this other link.

This is the version 2.2133.1 of the WhatsApp desktop application and among the new features that you will find after starting there is the possibility of an improvement in the system for recording voice messages, as it allows you now to preview the message from the audio before sending it. Support for different devices is not shown at this time.

The WhatsApp Desktop app will be updated automatically as the company adds improvements and new features

Download | WhatsApp beta for Windows
Download | WhatsApp beta for macOS
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