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Changes are being prepared in the new app designed to access the Microsoft app store. The company wants to extend the current design to Sun Valley to create a store that is visually more attractive but, incidentally, more careful with the developers.

Sun Valley appears to be called upon to pulverize everything surrounding the Windows ecosystem with its essence and the app store was not going to be less with an update due to be applied by the end of the year that is will bring him aesthetic improvements. but also with the operation.

A long-awaited change

And is that the new application to access the Microsoft Store will release new designs in which changes appear in WinUI, smoother animations and new icons. It will remain a UWP-like app and will be updated monthly with new features.

Microsoft’s goals include improving the download and installation experience, especially when it comes to using large apps and games. A store that will also pamper developers even more thanks to three major changes:

Developers submit unpackaged Win32 applications to the store in .EXE or .MSI format. In this sense, it will even allow interested developers to host the application and send updates through their own CDN. And not least, Microsoft will allow developers to use their own sources of revenue in the app, so they can avoid the Microsoft platform, although and since they count in Windows Central, Microsoft will not accept a cutting applications by developers to take advantage of integrated commerce.

These are significant changes, because until now developers who download an app have to port their Win32 app as MSIX. In addition, they are forced to use Microsoft’s trading platform and update policy, one of the workhorses of recent months.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for developers to download and host apps in the Microsoft Store, and to make the App Store a more open space where apps are easier to find.

The new store is expected to be a reality in the latter part of the year, possibly coinciding with the arrival of the Windows 10 Sun Valley update and before a preview version seems to polish any errors.

Via | Windows Central

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