Denon has announced the launch of a new soundbar for this 2022 season that we have just started and with which they intend to gain a foothold in the mid-range by offering a model compatible with Dolby Atmos sound at less than 400 euros.

This is the Denon DHT-S517, a classic-looking, traditionally-configured model consisting of a bar plus an external wireless subwoofer with rear bass-reflex output, both with a cabinet covered with an elegant acoustically transparent fabric.

Denon DHT-S517, technical specifications

Denon DHT-S517

kind of team

Soundbar and external subwoofer

type of subwoofer

Wireless with rear bass-reflex

number of drivers

7 (3.1.2 channels) with dedicated center channel

surround sound

Dolby Atmos

wired connectivity

HDMI eARC, HDMI 4K, digital optical, 3.5mm jack




399 €

The bar has a total of 7 built-in drivers with which it is able to offer up to 3.1.2 channel audio in Dolby Atmos tracks, although it does not support decoding of formats based on SDRs and derivatives.

It incorporates a specific driver for the center channel as well as two upper emission drivers to bounce the signal off the ceiling and thus obtain Atmos effects.

Connectivity includes an HDMI port with Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) for sending TV sound directly, as well as another HDMI compatible with 4K signals for connecting consoles and external media players. And to maintain compatibility with older TVs and equipment, an optical digital input is offered as well as a 3.5mm analogue auxiliary socket.

We also have a Bluetooth wireless interface to send content from the mobile as well as a series of listening modes aimed at well-differentiated types of content, such as movies, music, night listening, etc.

In addition, this model has a specific function to improve the dialogues when watching movies (Dialogue Enhancer) that promises to enhance the human voices over the rest of the background sounds and the soundtrack.

Price and availability

The new Denon DHT-S517 soundbar will be marketed at the end of January 2022 at a price of 399 euros.

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