The new Corona regulations provide an exception to quarantine for artists who have not yet been fully vaccinated. However, the Cultural Council is not entirely satisfied.

Berlin (dpa) – According to the German Cultural Council, Corona’s new entry regulations, which will apply from Sunday, bring improvements for artists. This will facilitate entry from high risk areas.

To this end, an exception to quarantine has been introduced for people who have not been fully vaccinated “who participate in artistic or cultural production or presentation processes on the basis of contractual obligations in order to exercise their artistic profession”. The settlement is long overdue, cultural council director general Olaf Zimmermann said in a message.

International exchanges are essential to cultural life. “Changing the entry rules is an important measure to relaunch international cultural exchanges.”

The Cultural Council calls for equality with sport

Unfortunately, however, full equality with sport has not yet been achieved. In the new entry regulations, there is an exception for athletes from viral variant areas, but this does not apply to artists. “This equal treatment should be added for artists,” demanded Zimmermann.

The new rules aim to prevent the spread of corona at the end of summer vacation. Anyone over the age of twelve will need proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result upon entering the country. This requirement already existed for all air passengers, it now also applies to entry by car, train or boat.

If you are staying in areas with disturbing new virus variants, proof of a test is required. Proof of recovery or vaccination is not sufficient in this case.