Everything seems to indicate that the new Apple Watch, which we should see arriving in two or three weeks, will come in two new sizes. Sizes which, according to Mark Gurman, will be accompanied by new dials optimized for their screens.

New spheres and update of existing ones

Rumors that the Apple Watch will increase in size have been with us for several months now, but it’s only in recent weeks that we’ve paid attention to it. The reason is that it was Mark Gurman himself who twice said that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will drop from 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45, respectively.

This change, along with new screen technology that will significantly reduce the screen bezels, will result in a significant increase in space. In her latest edition of the “Power On” newsletter, Marg Gurman notes that Apple could present “several new spheres” to take full advantage of the new Apple Watch.

This year’s watches will be available in sizes 41 and 45 millimeters, up from 40 and 44 millimeters. I’ve been told that Apple will include several new watch faces to take advantage of the larger display, including an updated Infograph Modular face. This will be the second time in Apple Watch history that the company has increased screen size, following the 2017 Apple Watch Series 4.

This will also be the second time that on the occasion of the change in screen size of the Apple Watch, Apple presents new exclusive spheres. The same modular infogram, mentioned by Gurman, is only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

A movement that we have already seen with the Apple Watch Series 4.

Beyond this little big news, the Bloomberg reporter does not expect big changes. Also rule out the arrival of new health sensors this year. According to Gurman, it will be next year that we see the first major health update at the earliest.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is bracing for an increase in screen size. New Apple Watches are coming, and this year’s flagship feature is an updated design, as I already reported a few months ago. While last year’s update focused on the blood oxygen sensor, this year’s update focuses on a new design with a flatter screen and edges, a faster processor and slightly larger screens. I don’t expect any major health updates until at least next year, when we might see a body temperature sensor.

It might sound a bit minor, but the truth is that including an ambient temperature sensor, or as in this case body temperature, in a device that heats up with the same use is a challenge. How many times have we worn the watch after charging it to get a slight feeling of warmth or it has taken a temperature after taking measurements in a workout?

It is clear that we will see some major changes in this generation of Apple Watch. The one that, if we pay attention to the rumors, we will see presented on Tuesday, September 14. He misses less.