We open a box and surprise, it’s a new Apple Watch! Whether it’s our first watch or our fifth, receiving a gift like this is always a pleasure. After the initial surprise we started testing and discovering the functions and features of our new Apple Watch, let’s list some of the first ones that we can enjoy.

Spheres: for the tastes the colors (and the spheres)

The screen we’ll be looking at the most on our new Apple Watch is the face. This will be responsible for giving us time and providing us with information through the different complications that we can add. Among the multitude of faces available, there are several that we can test and customize, some designed exclusively for the Apple Watch Series 7:

GMT: which shows us several time zones. Chronograph Pro: which has a tachymeter to count speeds. Typographer: where you can choose between several fonts to display the times. Artist: With creative designs created by Jeff McFetridge. Memoji: where we can place our Memoji and see it react when we touch the screen. Stripes: which show thousands of color combinations to create flags or adapt to the colors we wear on a specific day.

How? ‘Or’ What? Very easy. A long press on the screen while we see the time allows us to choose between several spheres or choose New to browse the entire catalog. Once we have chosen the sphere we want, we repeat the long press and then we touch Edit to change its colors, complications, layout, etc.

Sleep monitoring: the Sleep app and Sleep mode

Thanks to watchOS 7, our new Apple Watch is able to monitor our sleeping hours. When it’s time to sleep our Apple Watch, as well as our iPhone, go to sleep mode, reducing screen brightness and turning on Do Not Disturb mode.

Our Apple Watch will tell us what time we have to go to bed every night and every morning it will receive us with a graph in which we can see how we are doing this week. In addition to this graph, we will see the weather forecast, battery status and some other interesting information. If one day we wake up before the alarm sounds, a simple press allows us to turn it off.

Setting up sleep monitoring is very simple. We simply open the Sleep app on our Apple Watch and follow the on-screen steps.

Health: fitness, health and training

The Apple Watch has a great vocation for health. The Training app allows us to record our training sessions. From walking, running, or rowing to dancing, biking, or yoga, we can edit workout goals by duration, calorie goal, and more.

All of our workout information is stored in the Fitness app on our iPhone. From here we can consult our data, see statistics, share progress with our friends or participate in competitions.

Using machine learning and ML, the Apple Watch is able to use motion sensors and microphone information to detect when we wash our hands. When it detects it, it starts a 20-second timer, the recommended time for a full wash. This is a feature that we can activate in the Settings app > Handwashing.

Family configuration: the Apple Watch for young and old

Family settings allow us to pair more than one watch with our iPhone so that all watches keep your phone number and personal account. So kids and old people who don’t have an iPhone can still enjoy Apple Watch.

In this mode we can manage all watches from the Watch app on our iPhone. This management allows us, for example, to decide who our children can talk to, which applications they download or limit the use of the clock during school hours. We can also use the finder app to locate all devices and receive notifications when their users arrive home or are not where they should be.

Thanks to the cellular connection, necessary to activate this mode, the Apple Watch is able to call the emergencies in the event of detection of a strong fall, an important function for the elderly. In addition, we can customize the exercise and “standing” goals to keep us more active without forcing ourselves too much. Goals that, in the case of children, replace calories with minutes of movement, a much more relevant fact.

The Apple Watch has come a long way since its first introduction several years ago. Whether we’re talking about the Apple Watch Series 7 or the Apple Watch SE, it’s a great device that together with watchOS 7 offers endless possibilities, these are some of the ones we can try right out of the box. the box.

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