Munich (dpa) – Shortly after the abuse process began against Munich theater director Thomas Pekny, new allegations against the 69-year-old became known.

Further information was received the day after the hearing began, said the spokeswoman for the Munich I prosecutor of the German press agency. “Taking it into account in ongoing legal proceedings is probably not an option in terms of time.”

Pekny, the Bayerischer Hof comedy chief, who denies all this, is accused of taking drunk Oktoberfest women to his theater’s rehearsal rooms in 2015 and 2016 and abusing sleeping women there . According to the prosecution, he took photos and video recordings of it.

Pekny dismissed the allegations at the start of the trial last Thursday. Although he continued to take intimate photos of women – but only with their clear consent. That’s his weakness, he called the pictures in a statement his lawyer read as art.

The investigation against him had started when one of his friends found the photos on his cell phone and alerted the police. They say they are photos of about 30 women.

A woman, whose photos and mobile number were found by police over the phone, said as a witness that she got into Pekny’s car after Oktoberfest in 2016 at the age of 20 and that she only regained consciousness at home.

According to her, she cannot remember for several hours, which is unusual for her. She’s never had such a movie tear. She is certain that Pekny never gave permission to touch and photograph her and is in therapy after learning from police in 2018 that such recordings were made of her.

The district court has scheduled three trial days for the trial. Police officers and a forensic pathologist are to be heard on Monday. The verdict could fall on Wednesday of this week. Before the start of the trial, Pekny’s theater was obviously standing behind his boss. The presumption of innocence applies until judgment.