Just because you start watching something on Netflix doesn’t mean you’ll stop watching it. However, this will keep you in the “Continue Watching” queue until further notice. You can delete it from there from the web and from the Netflix app and now it’s also possible from Netflix on TV.

If you have something in “Continue Watching” on your Netflix that you don’t want to see there, you can now delete it directly from the Netflix app for Android TV, something that now seems to have finally been enabled for all users. .

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Anything you watch and don’t finish watching on Netflix is ​​on hold forever, unless you take action: finish watching it or remove it from the “Continue Watching” queue. In the past, this was only possible by manipulating the Netflix activity history from the web, but luckily, mobile and tablet apps included the feature later a few years ago.

Now it is possible to do the same thing, but from the Netflix application for television. The operation is very similar, but adapted to the operation of menus and navigation in the TV application, which is slightly different.

To remove a series or movie from Netflix’s “Continue Watching” on the TV, you need to go to its info screen and use the Remove from Continue Watching menu. If you hit it by mistake or regret it at the last moment, you have seconds to change your mind and undo the change.

With the arrival of the Netflix option for TV in general and Android TV in particular, the circle is complete and now you can delete them regardless of the device you use to watch Netflix. The company announced that the feature is available now for TV, joining the web version and apps for mobile phones and tablets.

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