One of the novelties introduced by Apple this year was the Spatial Audio “Spatial Audio”. An improvement that simulates surround sound and enjoyed by AirPods and AirPods Max which is now also compatible with Netflix streaming.

Thanks to the series of sensors that equip the Apple AirPods earphones, you can now enjoy Spatial Audio with Apple earphones and Netflix. An improvement that reaches both the iPhone and the iPad and which later plans to reach the Apple TV 4K with tvOS 15 and macOS.

Special audio enabled by default

AirPods Max and AirPods have different sensors: optics, position, case, and accelerometer on each earbud, as well as a gyroscope on the left. They also have eight microphones for active noise cancellation and three for voice pickup (two of which are shared with the ANC function).

These are responsible for enabling the generation of spatial audio with dynamic head tracking that Netflix now enjoys. Now if we connect the AirPods earphones to an Apple device from the above and start playing Netflix, we can enjoy this improvement.

To check it, just enter the AirPods settings inside the device and we will see how the Spatial Audio is active, an improvement that, like in the rest of the reproductions, we can deactivate as we wish.

This creates a dynamic, enveloping sound field from a Dolby Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 or stereo source. Depending on the position of the sound source in relation to the headphones, these simulate that the sound is coming from one zone or another.

Netflix thus joins other applications compatible with Space Audio such as Apple TV +, HBO Max and Disney +. The improvement has started to be implemented, which some Reddit users are making up and we were able to confirm to ourselves, but it may still take a few days for it to show up as active for all users.

Special Audio on Netflix works with Dolby Atmos and to enjoy it you need iOS 14, iPadOS 14 or tvOS14 or later as well as the latest version of the Netflix app. Also, in the case of those testing tvOS15 betas, they will see how in beta 6 the Spatial Audio feature is already active on the Apple TV 4K.

Via | The edge