We have already mentioned Matter on other occasions, the protocol that facilitates the use and interaction between the various devices in the connected home. A standard that promises more simplicity, reliability and interoperability and for which Netatmo is committed with its latest product.

This is the Smart Security Sensor, a device designed to improve both the security and the comfort of a home and which is placed on doors and windows to alert when they are open, sending an alert to the phone. of the user in real time.

Focus on compatibility

The Netatmo Security Sensor is equipped with a contact sensor and an infrared motion detector. Placed on doors and windows, it detects their opening and alerts the user on his smartphone. On his phone, the user can even remotely check the “open” or “closed” status of each door and window installed.

The sensor allows, among other things, infrared motion detection. Compatible with Matter, you can interact with various other connected products and, for example, activate the heating if the room is occupied; turn it off if no one is there and turn on the ventilation or the lights when a presence is detected …

Thanks to the compatibility with Matter, the Netatmo Smart Quality Sensor can interact with all compatible products, whatever the brand.