At first it was just Neil Young, now his ex-colleagues have followed suit: David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills are also refraining from selling their music via Spotify. Why?

New York.

After their former bandmate Neil Young, musicians David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills are also leaving streaming provider Spotify due to the corona news controversy.

“We support Neil and agree with him that dangerous misinformation is being spread on Spotify’s Joe Rogan Podcast,” David Crosby said in a statement on Twitter. Young’s bandmates, who have also released music in trios and other line-ups, stressed they don’t want to be on Spotify until “real action” is taken by the Swedish company.

Spotify was the latest in the negative headlines after Neil Young and musician Joni Mitchell pulled their songs from the streaming service in protest. They accuse Spotify of tolerating false information about the corona virus in podcasts and thus endangering human lives. They refer in particular to Joe Rogan’s popular discussion podcast, which can only be heard on Spotify after an exclusive agreement. According to media reports, the streaming service lured Rogan with $100 million (88.5 million euros).

After the reviews, Spotify wants to provide Covid-19 posts with a reference that leads to science-based information from trusted sources. No other podcast platform goes this far, founder and boss Daniel Ek said in a conference call with analysts. (dpa)