A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Eastern and Southern Plymouth County.

Minor coastal flooding is possible Tuesday night. However, a storm surge of 1 to 3 feet may occur Wednesday and Wednesday night, above already high astronomical tides, for both south and east facing coastlines. When combined with large wave action, this could produce localized areas of 1 to 3 feet of inundation above ground level.  Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected along the southeastern Massachusetts coastline.

Jose will likely bring large waves, possibly over 15 feet, to ocean exposed beaches across southeast Massachusetts. Severe beach erosion will occur. Some protective dunes may be at risk of being overtopped or eroded away. Dangerous rip currents will occur along the entire Massachusetts coastline.

Winds are forecast to gust to 40 to 50 mph along the Massachusetts coast with some gusts to 60 mph possible on Cape Cod and the Islands beginning late Tuesday afternoon and continuing through Wednesday. The strong wind gusts may persist along the southeast coast through Thursday as well. Near the coast and especially across Cape Cod and the Islands, winds may be strong enough to knock down some trees, large branches, and power lines. Scattered power outages may occur.  Farther inland, outside of the tropical storm force wind threat area, because of the full foliage, there could still be some impacts from gusty winds that could down some smaller tree limbs

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