Hamburg / Lübeck.

The very first case of Lübeck chief inspectors Finn Kiesewetter and Lars Englen involved a marzipan maker. The first to die in the crime series “Morden im Norden” was on Timmendorfer Strand.

The episode aired on February 21, 2012. Over 100 episodes have been aired on television since then. Today, the ARD early evening series celebrates its tenth anniversary. The anniversary season will air on Mondays at 6:50 p.m. starting January 10.

In terms of content, everything remains the same, as lead actors Ingo Naujoks (Englen) and Sven Martinek (Kiesewetter) tell the German news agency in Hamburg. The series stays true to its essence and deals mostly with topics that can affect anyone. “Cyberbullying, domestic violence, sudden death of loved ones, juvenile delinquency – there were some good and genuine cases,” says Martinek.

The series got more serious

When the detective series first aired as part of “Heiter bis tödlich” in 2012, the focus was still on the slapstick. Since then, the series has grown and found its own – much more serious – path. According to ARD, the series currently has a market share of over twelve percent.

Naujoks adds that he’s always impressed that the writers manage to discuss and cover socially relevant topics with their books in such a short time. “This is the great quality of” Murder in the North “! Criminal cases are solidly determined and resolved in just under 50 minutes. “

Both are always on the lookout for extra seasons – even though the last two have been very exhausting for the team. “It was already a very stressful job during the Corona period,” says Naujoks. As the main actor, you have a certain responsibility towards the team. He is now happy that the season was able to end so well and with no corona cases and no breaks or breaks from filming. “It was good for everyone.”

Not a big party

For Naujoks and Martinek, Hamburg has long since become a second home. “For ten years, we have been in Hamburg for more than six months a year, far from the family and social circle. It’s a long time. “Martinek and Naujoks see each other more often than they see their families.” It’s always been a great race, “said Martinek.

There won’t be a big party or particularly crazy episode for the anniversary. “We once had an episode that took place in the Middle Ages and a UFO episode, so completely removed from reality. But our viewers did not accept this. You want clear surveys today and we take that into account, ”says Martinek.

In general, however, the two are still open to anything, says Naujoks. “This is also due to our team of authors and the producer. There may be a feature film for the ARD evening program in the future. There are still a lot of ideas! “(Dpa)