A ten-day lockdown was imposed in Sri Lanka too.

Worldwide total corona cases 211,067,932 cases, total corona deaths 44,21,880

The lockdown in Sydney has been extended for the fourth consecutive day till 30 September, with more than 600 new cases.

Washington: With the arrival of 2,62,480 new corona cases, the total number of corona cases in the world has increased to 211,067,932, while the total death toll from corona after the death of 5,459 people has gone up to 44,21,880. In Russia, 20,992 new cases were reported in a day and 785 people died.

At the same time, due to the new hot spots of Corona in America, the number of corona patients in jails has crossed four thousand. The rate of corona infection in America’s prisons has increased to 34 percent.

Daniel Wallace, an associate professor at Arizona State University, said prisons in the United States are not in good shape at the moment. Many jails are overcrowded and no effort is made to maintain social distancing between them. In such a situation, the task of controlling the corona epidemic in American prisons is becoming difficult.

Meanwhile, 36,572 new cases of corona have been reported in Britain in a single day, in which 113 people have died due to corona. At the same time, 642 new cases of corona have been reported in New South Wales, Sydney state of Australia. Sydney has been reporting an average of more than 600 new cases daily for four consecutive days. The lockdown in Sydney has now been extended to 30 September as the number of cases continues to rise.

Meanwhile, Japan is reporting an average of 20,307 cases of corona every day this week, forcing hospitals to evacuate patients. A total of 168,000 people currently need hospital treatment in Japan. Meanwhile, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has announced a ten-day lockdown and night curfew in Sri Lanka due to the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.