The army was successful in thwarting the Taliban in several areas.

Taliban kills Afghan media chief, government orders troops to respond aggressively

Army carried out air strikes on terrorists in many areas including Nagarhar, Laghman, Ghazni, Kandhari

Kabul: More than 300 Taliban terrorists have been killed in the operation conducted by the Afghan army in 24 hours. While more than 125 terrorists have been injured. The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan gave this information.

On the other hand, Dawa Khan, the head of Afghanistan’s media department, was assassinated by the Taliban. After which the operation has now been intensified by the army. On the other hand, the Afghan Defense Ministry tweeted that airstrikes were carried out by Afghanistan in other nearby provinces including Nangarhar, Lagman, Ghazni and Kandahar.

At the ground level also, the operation was carried out by the army in these areas. In which 303 terrorists were killed in 24 hours. While more than 125 were injured. On the other hand a huge quantity of weapons were also recovered from the Taliban militants.

Taliban terrorists are thus using it to hide in the homes of civilians. This makes it difficult to conduct air strikes. The Afghan army is now doing the work of evacuating the province. This means that civilians are evacuated and then airstrikes are carried out.

Similar preparations are underway at the military base, where the Taliban have captured nine of the 10 districts and are in the process of evacuating them. The Taliban have also started releasing their prisoners from jails in the area.