Microsoft has started offering the new App Store to Windows 10 users. After debuting with Windows 11 and then testing it in the Windows 10 Insider program, now it’s the rest of the people who use it. Windows 10 stably.

An announcement they made officially that gives all Windows 10 users access to available improvements such as the new interface, a new developer policy and more apps. Of course, for the moment the Android applications do not appear.

A renewed design that makes it a winner

RudyHuyn, one of the minds behind the Microsoft Store, said, the one in charge of announcing via his Twitter account that the new Microsoft Store has started to be implemented on computers that still use Windows 10.

The new Microsoft Store is coming to Windows 10 PCs !!!

This experience will be rolled out in phases for Windows 10 PC users (uninitiated)! If you don’t receive the update today, don’t worry, it will reach you quickly!

– Rudy Huyn (@RudyHuyn) November 11, 2021

The new Microsoft Store is certainly gaining a lot, both in terms of design and philosophy, catalog and organization. On the one hand, and although it is now applied to Windows 10, the design is in line with what the Windows 11 interface offers and is much more pleasing to the eye.

But above all, Microsoft’s new policy is striking, which opens the store more than ever. The company wants to attract developers and get more apps to reach the Store than before. This is the case with Discord, Zoom, VLC, Reddit, TikTok, LibreOffice and even the Opera browser. This is to consider the Store as one of the first options when looking for an app.

In short, the new store is now much more usable than the old one. But this should not make us forget that for the moment there is no trace of Android applications, which will remain exclusive to Windows 11.

Via | MSPU