With feathers, floral prints, metallic fabrics, bodycon jumpsuits – and for the first time yet with spectators, Berlin opens Fashion Week.

Berlin (dpa) – Fashion week has started in Berlin. Austrian designer Florentina Leitner (25) inaugurated the large podium at the power station on Monday evening. It showed off feathers and floral prints, metallic fabrics and tight-fitting costumes – also based on the question of what a trip to the moon might look like.

Leitner comes from Austria and works in Antwerp and London. Her style was “a bit stronger,” she told the German news agency in advance. She loves floral prints and colors. You can also search for your Berlin show online.

The designs bearing the title “Holidays on the Moon” are also intended to remind the Mondsee in Austria – she was there more often as a child, Leitner said. She wanted to be inspired by the country, traditional costumes and flowers. She liked the combination of the two elements – space and the sea.

During the next few days, fashion week will present the creations of Kilian Kerner, Rebekka Ruétz and Marc Cain. For the first time Fashion Week will be held with an audience again, in January the shows were broadcast online due to the pandemic. Now, for example, actress Anna Loos and Berlin Prime Minister Michael Müller (SPD) have come.