With MIUI 12.5 reaching more and more phones (the Xiaomi Mi 9 received the update today), the Chinese company’s next goal is to officially present the new version of its customization layer. There were rumors that it could happen at the end of June, but it ultimately did not happen and we are still waiting for MIUI 13.

Meanwhile, as usual, leaks take place that advance us some of its characteristics. The last thing that appeared is a picture of the possible interface of the new Control Center, which reveals a renewed design, more simplistic and with more information in the same space.

From steps taken to monthly expenses

Although several montages have already appeared on YouTube, the Chinese social network Weibo was where an image from MIUI 13 was initially posted that shows us what the future control center of Xiaomi phones could be. And the first thing that stands out is its appearance, which reminds us of iOS and is much more minimalist than what we currently have in MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5.

As seen in the image, this new Control Center would also be grouped into two columns. On the right, the usual controls for the WiFi network, Bluetooth, the screen brightness level and the audio level appear, while on the left we find a new upper module -and interesting-.

It is precisely in this module that we have the main novelties, because it displays information about the number of steps taken, the financial balance of the month, the total hours of daily use and the amount of available and total storage. The rest of the elements are the same as what we are currently seeing in MIUI 12.5.

As we always say, we have to keep in mind that MIUI 13 is not official and the image is not from Xiaomi, so there could be some changes in the final version.