The arrival of positive temperatures in the Khabarovsk Territory leads to the fact that the rivers of the region begin to thaw intensely, as a result of which, for safety reasons, ice crossings are closed. To date, 10 of the 40 existing crossings have already ceased to function. However, some residents of the region are not stopped by the bans, and they boldly go out onto the already not the strongest ice. Governor Mikhail Degtyarev expressed concern about people’s not very serious attitude to potentially dangerous situations.

– Despite the bans and warning signs installed, people continue to go out on the ice, neglecting safety precautions. Fishermen are especially diligent in this regard, of course, but this applies to all residents. Not everything always ends well, and the consequences can be tragic, – Mikhail Degtyarev emphasized .

Many violations of the rules of the crossing are recorded on the coast of the Tatar Strait, in the Amur Estuary and throughout the Amur. Every year this period is difficult for rescuers who need to work in an enhanced mode, promptly responding to all incidents. All appropriate measures in such situations must be taken immediately. Therefore, the governor of the region is trying to be in the most direct communication with the heads and leaders of municipalities, which allows you to quickly prevent problems without waiting for unpleasant consequences.

– I would like to appeal to the heads of municipalities, with a request, together with the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels and colleagues from the Civil.

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