We are used to filters in photographic applications. Improvements that retouch our appearance to make us more beautiful or at least to try. An ability to customize the image that Microsoft is developing as a new feature for Teams.

The app for video calls which is also built into Windows 11, until now allowed adding effects to video calls to transform the background and improve integration in communication and now it looks like it will allow us to customize the appearance when we start a video call.

More control over our image

Microsoft is working on a new feature coming soon to Teams that will allow users to customize the appearance of video calls. The feature is called “Video Filters” and aims to make teams more user-friendly.

With “Video Filters”, users will be able to adjust different elements during a video call. This is the case with lighting levels, the ability to soften facial features and in short, the ability to enhance the final image. Here’s how they define this development at Microsoft:

“Before joining a meeting, you can use filters to subtly adjust light levels and soften facial features to personalize your appearance.”

This is an improvement they are working on and which appears in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Added on July 8, in the development calendar, a launch date is set for August 2021.

This is clearly a feature intended to make Teams more appealing to the end user, and not necessarily to associate Teams with business use. Indeed, we have seen how Microsoft has increased the number of participants in video calls, added Together Mode to promote immersion in communication or the possibility that Teams adapts to the capacity of our network.

Via | MSPU