Clippy has been the protagonist in recent weeks. Whoever turned out to be Microsoft’s first assistant, long before Cortana, saw it arrive as a wallpaper for Teams or as a wallapper but for mobile phones. And now it’s relevant again for the investigation initiated by Microsoft to turn it into an emoji within Office 365.

The American company has launched a survey on its Twitter account for users to vote if they want the emoji clip used in Microsoft 365 replaced by Clippy.

Clippy comes to life in exchange for your “like”

The company has put a lot of money on Clippy as shown in a survey initiated on Twitter in which they claim that if they reach 20,000 likes, they will replace the clipboard emoji within Microsoft 365 with the Clippy image.

If that gets 20,000 likes, we’ll replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy.

– Microsoft (@Microsoft) July 14, 2021

With this premise, the 20,000 likes were reached in a matter of minutes and at this point the Twitter proposal already has around 130,000 likes. And just over twelve hours have passed since the publication of the post. Tweet.

It remains to be seen how Microsoft will finish translating this proposal into yet another movement of the company, appealing to the memory of users at a time coinciding with the arrival of Windows 11 and with the presentation of Windows 365 a few hours ago.