Microsoft wants to change the default font in Office and opens a poll to select the favorite

Calibri is the font that Microsoft has used for its Office applications since 2007, a font it now wants to replace and for that it has opened a process in which users will choose the one they like the most from a total of five different sources. . .

Calibri is a font that was used by default in the Office suite which replaced Times New Roman in Microsoft Word and Arial in PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. And now we are waiting for a new change.

The user is the one who chooses

To choose which font Office apps will use by default, Microsoft has ordered a total of five new fonts for development users to choose from by leaving their responses at this link.

The original five custom fonts that seek to replace Calibri by default, respond to the names of Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview.

Tenorite: Created by Erin McLaughlin and Wei Huang, Tenorite is a cross between sans serif and Times New Roman, ideal for reading in small formats on screen.

Bierstadt – Created by Steve Matteson, Bierstadt is a precise sans serif font inspired by the mid-20th century Swiss font. A versatile font that expresses simplicity and rationality in a highly readable way.

Skeena: Created by John Hudson and Paul Hanslow, Skeena is a sans serif font that features a stark contrast between coarse and fine. Skeena is ideal for the body text of long documents.

Seaford РCreated by Tobias Frere-Jones, Nina Sțssinger and Fred Shallcrass, Seaford is a sans serif font inspired by old school typefaces. Its creators claim that it helps to emphasize the differences between the letters, thus creating more recognizable word shapes.

Grandview – Created by Aaron Bell, Grandview is a sans serif font derived from classic German road and rail signs that is intended to be readable from a distance and in poor condition.

The chosen font and the four others that are not will be part of the fonts fonts in Office and can be used at any time.

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