Microsoft tackles Windows 10 Patch Tuesday issues with silent, mandatory update

Last week, Patch Tuesday in April was once again the protagonist and not really for the better. There are performance issues with patch KB5001330, a patch that was expected to correct the optional March patch, KB5000842. And to fix these issues, Microsoft has released an emergency update.

This is to correct performance issues, with DNS, bugs that affect profiles or errors when reading among others. To correct this entire list of issues, Microsoft has released a hotfix update KB5001330 that is enabled on the server side.

A silent and bound patch

As reported in Windows Latest, Microsoft has released a new mandatory update for Windows 10 to fix bugs caused by hotfix KB5001330. A forced security update that is applied automatically and can only be avoided if the updates have been suspended.

Microsoft eventually confirmed the existence of these failures on the support page, admitting to issues in Windows 10 that affect a “small number of users.”

“A small subset of users reported lower than expected performance in games after installing this update. Most of the users affected by this issue are running games in full screen or borderless mode and using at minus two monitors.

It looks like the company is already rolling out an update to fix this issue via a server-side update, so the user doesn’t have to go through any steps to install it on their computer.

The emergency fix automatically disables new code that was applied when the last update was deployed that was causing problems. To do this, Microsoft changed its Windows Update cloud settings.

The server-side update started its release throughout this weekend and is expected to be implemented gradually, although unlike other cases it will not be required through Windows Update.

If you want to check if you already have this update on your computer and since there is no change in the version number, you need to go to the “Registry Editor” and find the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control FeatureManagement Overrides 4 1837593227. If at this point the entry “EnabledState” appears with the value 1, you have already installed the hotfix.

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