A few hours ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 would arrive on October 5 in a way that confirmed what Zac Bowden reported when talking about a breakthrough in the launch. A Windows 11 that can already be tested in the Insider program and these are some of those users who get a warning to revert to Windows 10.

We already know that the requirements to upgrade to Windows 11 are daunting. Many teams will be left out, including some of the more popular Surface models. And Microsoft’s pulse doesn’t tremble when it comes to controlling who can use Windows 11 and who can’t.

Invitation to revert to Windows 10

We’ve already seen how the company reported that while unsupported computers may install Windows 11, they will stop receiving updates. A problem that is in addition to possible performance crashes and now has a warning that some users see on the screen.

These are people who are part of the Insider program and are already using Windows 11 on computers that will not support the new operating system when it is released because it does not meet the hardware requirements. These users see an on-screen message prompting them to quit Windows 11 and return to Windows 10.

Microsoft is leading the way in installing the operating system on incompatible computers and now wants to prevent the Insider program from being a drain. This is the message those affected are seeing and which Betawiki echoed on Twitter:

“Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider program on Windows 11. Install Windows 10 to participate in the Windows Insider program in the release preview channel.”

The system warns that only if you revert to Windows 10 will the system be able to continue participating in the Insider program, which involves receiving the appropriate updates through Windows Update.

For now, the message appears to “only invite” a donwgrade, but what will happen if the advice is ignored is unknown. Based on Microsoft’s position, everything indicates that these teams will no longer receive updates within the Insider program through Windows Update.

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Image | Betawiki