Microsoft Says Response Improvement of Up to 76%

Microsoft released Build 21364 and one of the tools that benefited from this update was the “Windows 10 Task Manager”, a utility that with this trial version sees a tool arrive so that the system consumes less of resources without having to force the shutdown of applications that have been called “Eco Mode”.

The “Task Manager” is an application integrated into Windows operating systems which has been present since its creation. A utility through which we can get information about the programs and processes that are running on the computer.

Improvement between 14% and 76%

The “Task Manager”, in addition to providing the most frequently used performance indicators on the computer, can be used to check the performance of the computer, obtain information on the status of running programs, in addition to being able to perform actions on them how to force its termination if necessary at any given time. In addition, the task manager provides access to graphics and data on the processor in addition to memory usage. This percentage would tell us what the total capacity of our processor is and what percentage we are using.

It is, in short, an important part of the operating system. A tool that now receives a new feature: a new option to reduce the use of system resources which are now called “Eco Mode”.

With “Eco Mode”, the “Task Manager” identifies the applications which consume a lot of resources and offers the user an option to reduce the excessive consumption of CPU and RAM. A useful function, as it allows to optimize the consumption in cases of applications which suddenly skyrocket in the use of RAM or CPU, also allowing them not to have to be closed.

Eco mode of the task manager limits the use of process resources by lowering the priority of the process and ensuring that it runs efficiently on the processor

To activate Eco mode in processes that consume too much power, simply enter the “Processes” tab of the “Task Manager” and right-click on a process. Among the options, now click on “Eco Mode” in the context menu to apply the limitation. At this point, the Status column on the Processes tab should show Eco mode for the process.

According to Microsoft, the application of “Eco Mode” shows that the workload of the processor is reduced, improving system responsiveness between 14% and 76%.

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