Microsoft continues to progress on the roadmap it has set for Windows 11 and as usual every week, it announced a few hours ago the launch of a new compilation within the Insider program. An update that also comes in parallel with the official Windows 11 ISO images in build 2200.132.

This time it is Build 22000.160, which can be downloaded the usual way via Windows Update in the “Settings” menu, a version to which the 22000.132 build is added if desired, by means of an official ISO available on the Windows Insider Preview download page.

Update via ISO

Updating using an ISO is a very useful process when we can’t use Windows Update (we have to take into account the errors that this process sometimes offers) or when we just want to do a clean install.

By using an ISO install, all those updates that you could not receive are installed at once because you cannot use Windows Update and the traditional method, it must be said, is much more comfortable.

To install an ISO on the computer we will have to use the media creation tool and its advantage is that with a clean installation it also allows you to install the operating system, in this case Windows 11, especially , keeping all your apps and data.

At this point, if you want to update by ISO, there are some points to consider. First of all, you must have an officially licensed Windows. You must also have administrator permissions on the computer on which you want to perform the update. It is also advisable to disconnect all peripherals except the mouse, keyboard and router, and it is advisable to temporarily disable third-party antiviruses. Additionally, this process is “heavier” than updating through Windows Update, as it takes longer and requires restarting Windows 10 as if you were installing it from scratch.

In the case of installing the 22000.132 compilation via ISO, Microsoft points out that they have added, based on user feedback, the ability to name the PC during the setup process.

Changes in version 22000.160

As for version 22000.160 released for everyone on the Dev and Beta channels via Windows Update, it comes with a new Clock app for Windows 11 and Focus Sessions has started rolling out to Windows Insiders on the development channel. In addition, estimates are added on the duration of a restart for updates at different points of the operating system in the case of computers with SSDs.

They also fix bugs like “location in use” sometimes appearing on the taskbar, although use was blocked by your preferences when investigating issues with the taskbar, Bluetooth or some Windgets, among others.

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