Microsoft has launched a new application for the education market related to Microsoft Teams, the popular tool for collaborative work. The name of the new utility is Reading Progress and the US company has started implementing it in Microsoft Teams around the world.

A tool which in this case and as its name suggests, is intended to improve and control a student’s reading fluency and that this can be assessed more effectively using Artificial Intelligence.

Facilitate reading fluency

Reading Progress is being rolled out gradually by Microsoft globally, so it may still take a few days to reach all teams.

A tool that integrates into Teams, has translation into over 100 languages ​​and works on all platforms that Teams is supported on, be it a Windows computer, but also Android and iOS phones and tablets. or on iPadOS.

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– Microsoft Education (@MicrosoftEDU) August 24, 2021

Reading Progress is a free application and its purpose is to facilitate and improve a student’s reading process by enabling the student to read and record in distraction-free environments and then these recordings can be sent to educators who revise them. an automatic detection system based on Artificial Intelligence to detect errors. Here’s what Reading Progress does:

Students can record themselves reading aloud in audio and / or video. This allows students to read at their own pace and in a comfortable environment, eliminating any stigma, stress or distraction associated with reading aloud. The app simplified a tedious process by integrating seamlessly with the Teams training dashboard. Once submitted, educators can review the recorded assignment and provide comments at their convenience. Teachers can use the auto-detect feature to quickly review errors such as pronunciation errors, repetitions, wording, intonations, and omissions, and can use them to personalize instruction for each student.

The goal of Reading Progress is to improve reading fluency and to be as useful as possible for teachers and students. You can check if you’ve already activated it in Teams or if it takes a few more days to appear as visible.

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