Microsoft is already testing the feature that allows you to send web pages in Edge Canary between devices with Windows and Android

Microsoft is testing a new improvement in Edge for Windows 10 and Android that will allow web pages to be shared between different devices. An option which for the moment is only available in Canary Channel but which should not take too long to reach the stable version.

This new tool enables a new function that allows you to send tabs between different devices. With the name “Send to my devices”, it is easier and easier to share pages with other devices.

For Windows 10 and Android

The “Send to my devices” function is nothing new. A function that is already available in Chromium, more precisely in Chrome, where it has been present since 2019. A tool that allows you to easily share a website without the need to use bookmarks, tab synchronization, history function or send us the link to ourselves by telegram or email.

To use the “Send to my devices” function, we need to use Microsoft Edge Canary in version 92.0.873.0 or higher on the computer and Canary version 92.0.870.0 on the Android phone and of course use Edge and enable the synchronization.

To use this function on your computer, right click on a link or tab and select the option “Send link to” and choose the device we want to send it to. You can also access the function directly from the address bar.

This way the page will arrive on the Android phone and we will see a warning on the screen that will show the URL, the name of the page and the device you shared it from.

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In the case of Microsoft Edge for Android, you need to tap on the “Share on my device” option that you will find in the “Share” menu and select the device from the list. The link will instantly appear in the Windows 10 notification center. Click the notification on Android or Windows to open the shared page in Microsoft Edge.

This feature will come to Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and Android, although we have tested and so far it is not available on our PC, so it may be a gradual server-side launch. Likewise, this new feature is expected to arrive soon on macOS.

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