Windows 11 is a reality and can already be tested if you are one of the lucky ones whose computer meets the requirements. However, Microsoft’s new operating system has just arrived and it still has a long way to go with improvements and new features to welcome. In this sense, the company is working so that the alert system fits into the general aesthetic and, incidentally, is modernized, leaving aside the Metro aesthetic.

We have spoken on other occasions of the incongruities that Windows 10 presents today, version until nothing more recent. It was enough to dig deeper to see how the interior still has some of the classic Windows icons, menus, and notices. And that seems to change little by little with Windows 11.

A more coherent design

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on a renewed warning system for Windows 11. Dialogs that finally take the plunge and abandon the obsolete interface they used until now.

Keep in mind that despite the arrival of Windows 10 in 2015, the Alerts dialog still uses the Metro UI interface that debuted with Windows 8.

In the latest downloadable Dev Channel Build, Microsoft is testing a new layout in various dialogs. This is the case with the low battery warning. They also work on others like the one linked to alert when screen configuration changes.

In addition, in this version come other new features such as the option “Update”, which has been removed from the new context menu on the desktop and is now present if we right click on “Show more”. options “from the context menu. An option that everything points, will return to the design that we already knew in future updates. Another change, the arrival of a renewed taskbar that would have a kind of direct access to Windows search.

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