Microsoft is continuing the roadmap set for Edge and continues to make improvements to its all-new browser. As usual, the Canary version is the one that has the privilege to publish them and among these is the ability to add text to documents in PDF format.

Microsoft has listened to user feedback and is adding a new feature in the latest version of Edge on Canary Channel that will allow you to add text to PDF documents and all without having to use third-party applications. An improvement to Edge for Windows and macOS.

No third-party apps

The new feature is coming, selectively, with Edge 94 (Edge Canary 94.0.995.0 is currently downloadable) and is called “Add Text”. A feature that complements Edge’s capabilities when working as a document reader.

The “Add Text” function allows you to edit PDF documents in a way that can be particularly useful if we have a document in this format with fields that we need to fill in, it can even be used when the document does not take not support fields.

This is a big improvement, because until now, in order to edit the document and add text, we had to have software that would allow it, in the case of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To add text, we need to open the PDF document in Microsoft Edge Canary (remember that at least we need to have version 94) and click on the new “Add Text” option that appears next to “Read by voice high “and” Draw “. Another method is to right-click anywhere in the document to add a text box, and then start typing.

We can choose the text color, format or size and the changes we make can be deleted, saved or printed without leaving Edge.

At the moment, this is a selectively implemented feature, so that not all users can see it on their computer. In my case, I just tried and activated it on one Windows PC while on another it is not yet available.

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