Microsoft is already testing document signing and picking up where we left off

We have seen how Microsoft has added various improvements to its Edge browser. The latest high performance mode provides the ability to add text to PDF documents. And it is that Microsoft seems to want to make Edge the full reader for accessing PDFs without having to use third-party applications, something that now wants to improve with a measure to remember where we read.

We have seen various improvements aimed in this regard, to improve the use of PDF documents in Edge and one of them is the ability to recover the reading of a PDF document to the same place where we left it before. to quit the browser.

PDF browser and reader

Edge has a PDF reader included. A tool that Microsoft wants to improve by allowing us to resume reading a text in a PDF at the same point where we left it. An improvement that saves us from having to search for the page where we stayed or worse, the paragraph in which we gave up reading.

A gesture that can turn Edge into a full PDF reader, so much so that we could forget to use applications from other developers, even Acrobat Reader.

For now, this improvement is being tested in the versions that we can find in the development channels and according to Windows Latest, it is expected to eventually reach the global version before the end of the year. A very practical measure especially when it comes to long documents and many pages.

Sign documents in Edge

And in parallel with these improvements, Microsoft will optimize the use allowing navigation in the files by allowing us to see the thumbnails of the pages via a sidebar and to select the one that interests us (something already possible in Chrome) or the possibility of validating the pages. PDF signatures of files.

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