Microsoft is already testing a feature in Windows 10 that makes it easier to load drivers from Device Manager

One of the keys to the proper functioning of our equipment is updating the drivers. Each component has its own and Microsoft wants to improve the update process in Windows 10 by making it easier to update these drivers directly from “Device Manager”.

When we have a PC. it comes with the drivers necessary for its components to function and communicate with other elements of the operating system. By default our PC has generic drivers for each component and to update them we need to use Windows Update. A process that will soon change.

Using Device Manager

Microsoft is preparing changes in the process of updating computer drivers and if they are now updated through Windows Update, almost always automatically, they will now do so through “Device Manager”.

Users who wish to update the drivers for their components (screen, sound card, Bluetooth, etc.) must access “Device Manager” and find the component that requires a new driver. At this point all you need to do is right click and select “Properties” and then click on the “Update Driver” option to load the new package downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

In addition, to avoid having to individually search for each component to update, Microsoft is testing, with a search and filtering system within the computer hardware, a method that will allow users to quickly install new drivers without first identify the driver. apparatus.

However, this function can only be used when adding a driver for the corresponding devices and cannot be used to update existing drivers. For the update process, there is no other method than to find the component and use the option “Update driver”.

Incidentally, Microsoft is adding new classification systems for components in the “Device Manager” and therefore we have new groups starting with Windows 10 Build 21343, improvements that will be implemented with the Sun Valley update in October. or November.

Devices by Driver – Components that use .inf files are listed. Drivers by type – This new option lists the driver .inf files by device type. Drivers by device: This new option lists devices and their drivers.

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