Microsoft has included an easter egg in its Edge browser for Android: just like Google Chrome does with Dino, Edge offers a simple game that plans to activate when the internet connection goes down. And now you can try it, we tell you how to play Ski.

Google’s browser includes a fun game that pops up when there’s no internet connection: Dino is one of the most charismatic aspects of Google Chrome. Genuine games have been made of it, there are even widgets that launch the application directly in Chrome. And Microsoft decided to do something similar since it just added its own game to Android’s Edge browser.

Ski on snow when you can’t ski online

The inclusion of games that work offline is more or less common in some applications. The aforementioned Google Chrome for example, Google Play also has a hidden game; o Google Play Games: There are ways to play without the need for internet. Even if you are using Microsoft Edge browser.

As discovered in Techdows, Microsoft has included a Ski game in the “flags” of the Edge browser, these experimental features that can be activated to test them before they are stable. After a few steps it is possible to have Ski at the touch of a button when there is no internet connection.

The process to activate the hidden game in Microsoft Edge is the usual process for any other “flag”:

Open your Edge browser and navigate to “edge://flags”. Type “surf” in the search field. Two “flags” should appear. Click on the menu of each function and select “Enabled”. Press the bottom “Restart” and you will have everything ready.

Once Microsoft Edge restarts, enable airplane mode on your phone and try to load any page in the browser. You will see a “Ski” icon appear in the lower right corner, this is the hidden shortcut in the game.

Much like Google Chrome’s Dino, Ski features 8-bit graphics with a simple mechanic: dodging obstacles. You can choose different skiers at the start, the controls are tactile, depending on how you guide the skier, he will go more or less quickly in the direction marked by the skis and you can even brake if you slide your finger horizontally. Of course, watch out for the yeti.

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