The extension of Windows 11 continues to progress as it goes to prevent a possible problem from generating the dissatisfaction of a greater number of users. Microsoft usually deploys its big updates like this and now and taking advantage of the deployment of Windows 10 November 2021 Update announces that it plans to accelerate the arrival of Windows 11 given the good reception of users.

In fact, every time people see the update notice appear on their computers through Windows Update. Computers that may have been waiting on Windows 10 since the announcement of the new version of the operating system in June and its launch in early October.

On par with November update

The statement) for whether it focuses on the November update for Windows 10 or what is identical, the November 2021 update for Windows 10. An update initially available to users of devices running Windows 10 in version 2004 and who can update by using “Windows Update” under the path “Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update” and selecting “Check for updates”. They also take the opportunity to talk about Windows 11 since these teams can also be offered the possibility of choosing to switch to Windows 11.

In a post on the official Windows blog, the company announced that it will accelerate the deployment of Windows 11 starting today. And he does so motivated by the good results achieved so far and the good reception from users.

“Today, based on the positive experience of the deployment update and user feedback that we have seen so far, we are ramping up the pace of the deployment faster than expected, and we are now making the update. Windows 11 update no longer available. for qualifying Windows 10 devices “.

Any computer that is running at least 2004 version of Windows 10, or whatever is the same, Windows 10 May 2020 Update will see an update notice coming to Windows Update. In addition, it will be mandatory that they also have the security update released on September 14, 2021.

In this section, the company recalls that Windows 10 May 2020 Update will no longer have support and updates from December 14, 2021. Perhaps this is why they took this version as a basis to encourage users to update to Windows 11.

And with reference to Windows 10 and the November update, they warn that with this, annual updates are rolling out instead of using two per year so far. So Windows 10 is updated in the same way as Windows 11, with the same rate of a single annual update so that the next Windows 10 feature update is scheduled for the second half of 2022. Editions of the November 2021 Update will receive 18 months of service and support, and the Enterprise and Education editions will receive 30 months of service and support starting today.

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