A few hours ago, we saw how they had disclosed what everything indicates, these are the references of a new Surface, the Surface Go 3. A move that indicated the upcoming launch of new equipment by Microsoft and that the end the company itself has finished announcing.

Microsoft announces that on September 22, it will organize an event in which everything points, will announce new hardware. Everything indicates that we’ll see a new Surface, but by the conciseness of the announcement via the Twitter account, nothing else can be clear.

Surface in view

You are invited.

Learn more about the #MicrosoftEvent: https://t.co/tpK3TB8Xxb

– Microsoft (@Microsoft) September 1, 2021

The event will take place, as we said, on September 22 at 11:00 am ET, which in Spain is 5:00 pm And judging by the image used on Twitter, we only know that we know the news. Surface, but not which models in the range can see the light.

We’ve seen rumors about a convertible, tablet-to-computer, and a new dual-screen mobile heir to the Surface Duo, but so far we don’t know much else.

The Surface Go 2 may see a revival, something that makes sense for a team that has already been in the market for a year. The same goes with the Surface Duo, a recent product but already announced … and which arrived with too obsolete components, which makes the arrival of a successor something to be expected.

Other leaks indicate that Microsoft has in the oven a Surface Book 4, a new device to compete with the iPad Pro and its Magic Keyboard thanks to a removable screen to transform it into a tablet.

For the moment everything is only a hypothesis and there is no other choice than to wait for the 22nd to get out of any doubt with the official information provided by the company. New hardware to accompany the arrival of the new Windows 11.

Via | Microsoft