We are waiting for the arrival of the 24th to know the novelties that Microsoft will present. Everything indicates that we will see how they announce the arrival of Windows 11 and they can also prepare a developer event in which we could see a renewed Microsoft Store launched in parallel with the new operating system.

The Microsoft Store or Microsoft Store is the way we need to access and download apps in the Windows environment if we don’t want to depend on third-party tools. The problem is, the Microsoft Store has been in need of a good image wash for years.

Improved design and performance

And it is not easy for a user to find, buy, and install their favorite apps from the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft store is a real nonsense if we compare it with the Google Play Store and especially with the App Store and maybe now is the right time to correct these shortcomings.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on a new app store for Windows 11 and will announce it on June 24 at another event they have planned for developers.

As of June 24, Microsoft is sending out invitations to an event dedicated to Windows developers. An event that can host content related to the App Store and associated policies.

The news has been brewing for a long time, because in April we already had the first data. Everything indicates that we could see a Windows 11 app store with improved design and performance, which supports new development policies, providing three big benefits for developers:

Developers submit unencapsulated Win32 applications to the store in .EXE or .MSI format. In this sense, it will even allow interested developers to host the application and send updates through their own CDN. And not least, Microsoft will allow developers to use their own revenue streams in the app, so they can avoid the Microsoft platform.

The event will take place after the announcement of Windows 11 and will be streamed live on YouTube.

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