Microsoft adds Performance mode to Edge that makes it even faster and the ability to add text to PDF documents

Older people may remember the legendary turbo mode used by some computers. And something that also seeks to improve system performance is what Microsoft introduced in the latest version of Edge Canary by adding a new Performance mode that we can enable in the browser settings.

The enhancement is available in Edge version 91.0.856.0 and higher in Canary Channel and improves browser responsiveness by optimizing speed, responsiveness, memory, CPU, and battery usage.

Improve performances

The new “Performance” mode must be manually enabled in the “System” section of Edge once we have installed the most recent version of Microsoft’s browser.

This mode makes the tab timer in sleep mode cease to be available, which can increase the speed when we are using Edge and browsing with different tabs, in addition, the function can be activated with the code following on the command line:

–Enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle

According to Microsoft’s description, the new feature “helps optimize speed, responsiveness, memory, processor, and battery usage.” Performance improvements may vary depending on your individual specifications and browsing habits ”.

PDF enhancements

But that’s not the only new feature coming to Microsoft’s browser, as it also introduces the ability to add text to a PDF document. This function allows, as the name suggests, that text can be added to any PDF document that we have opened in Microsoft Edge, either by using the keyboard or the stylus if we have a touch screen.

However, in the latter case, it seems that this feature is only available to certain users, so if you don’t, you will have to wait for Microsoft to enable it on the server side.

Remember that you can try Edge Canary as well as one of the other two versions (Beta and Dev, by going to the dev channels and downloading the version you are interested in.

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