Microsoft activates “Windows Tools” and “removes” them from “Control Panel” in new versions of Windows 10

If you are a Windows veteran, surely you are familiar with “Administrative Tools”. These are a series of utilities located in a “Control Panel” folder for use by advanced users and system administrators. Utilities that already have a replacement in the form of “Windows Tools” apart from the classic and aforementioned panel.

Microsoft is in the process of changing some of the utilities found in “Administrative Tools” into a revamped and revitalized “Control Panel”, the same one that is losing potential in favor of the “Settings” menu.

A new “Control Panel”

Administrative tools

Utilities such as “Windows PowerShell”, “Power Automate Desktop”, “Quick Assist”, “Command Prompt” … ** now appear outside the “Control Panel” ** in the “Windows Tools” section. A gesture to say the least, because many classic panel leaks have reached Windows “Settings”.

Microsoft is continuing its work to dismantle the “Control Panel”. The creation of “Windows Tools” and this step is accompanied by the release of the preview version for Windows 10 at Build 21354.

Now, if we click on the “Windows Tools” shortcuts, a window will open with the new “Control Panel” in which about forty shortcuts previously found in the “Start” menu appear.

The changes affect utilities such as “Windows PowerShell”, “Power Automate Desktop”, “Quick Assist”, “Command Prompt”, the “Run” box, step recorder, remote desktop and more. These can now be found next to the “Start” menu in a new section called “Windows Tools”.

A new panel which, like the previous “Control Panel”, is accessible from the “Run” tool with the “Control admintools” command.

Via | Bleeping computer

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