With the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 based on Wear OS 3, Google and Samsung want to give their new unified platform a big boost, to see if with all their partners they can get smartwatches based on it. operating system to direct sales.

When Samsung introduced its Galaxy Watch 4, Google went through some of the Wear OS 3 news its customers were going to find, announcing redesigns and new apps like YouTube Music that have come to the new version of its system. operation, but luckily ** some of these improvements are also coming to Wear OS 2.0 **.

This is Google Messages for Wear OS

While YouTube Music and the new Google Maps are exclusive to Wear OS 3 (Android 11+), we see how the Google Messages redesign is now coming to Wear OS 2.0 (Android 7+) as well.

With the launch of Wear OS 3, Google has put in the batteries to renew all of its applications, which in the case of Wear OS had been practically abandoned for years, without receiving any important news.

Now in its new update, the Google Messages app for Wear OS completely renews its interface, adding the Material Design of Android 12, which results in a design where curves predominate.

In this new version, it leaves aside its blue background color to focus on a dark theme, with a black background and gray colors for its buttons and for the bubbles. Thus, the application will be much more user-friendly with the OLED screen of the clocks and with the battery.

With the new version of Google Messages for Wear OS, this allows us to chat with our contacts directly from the watch. Its new interface makes it easy to send emojis, use voice dictation, activate the keyboard or use smart responses. Google messages for Wear OS will not only show text messages, but we will also be able to see the photos sent to us on the screen.

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