The idea for the song came to him while he was driving a car. Max Mutzke sings about unity and solidarity. He sings sings the official Olympic song of the ARD.

Berlin (AP) – Pop musician Max Mutzke (40) sings the official ARD Olympic song. The new single is called “Best Idea” and is released this Friday, as announced by its record company Universal.

With the song, Mutzke wrote “his very personal hymn to community and solidarity,” he said. “Everything that connects people and what makes them stronger. Whether as a couple, with friends, with family or as a team at the Olympic Games. “

Mutzke is said to have said that the phrase “We’re the best idea we’ve ever had” came to him while driving. “A strong sentence that expresses a strong emotion. A feeling that is not necessarily limited to partnership. This sentiment is universal and can also be applied to your best friends. On the adored pet, to which we are faithfully linked, or of course on the favorite sports team, for which the heart beats, ”explained the forty-something.

Mutzke made his first appearance on the big stage in 2004 at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) with the track “Can’t Wait Until Tonight” written by Stefan Raab. At that time he reached eighth place in the music competition. The Tokyo Summer Olympics begin Friday (July 23) next week.