The Google Chrome update cycle continues uninterrupted. After going through the Canary, Dev and Beta versions, the stable version of Google Chrome reaches version 93, now available for download via Google Play.

With Google Chrome 93 there is some important news, although the vast majority of it is hidden behind a Chrome flag. Under Android 12, it will adopt the colors of Material You, in addition to being able to test continuous search, share in the form of notes or connect to web applications on PC with mobile.

Material You on Android 12

Google Chrome 93 is now ready to take advantage of the theme and color system built into Android 12, although it is disabled by default. To tint Google Chrome with system colors, you need to enable two different flags, # dynamic-color-android and # theme-refactor-android. This is only possible on Android 12, at least for now.

Continuous search

The new Google search interface, known as continuous search, continues to be a test, at least for now. To test it, you need to enable the # continuous search flag.

The change is basically to show a top bar every time you enter a Google search result. Other search results are displayed in this bar, so you can switch between them without having to go back.

Stylized Notes

One of the most curious new things to Google Chrome lately is called stylized notes and is a way to share fragments of text from a website as quotes with different designs. The result is very attractive.

To use this experimental function, you must activate the Chrome Flag # webnotes-stylize and restart the browser. Then select a piece of text, choose Share from the menu, and tap Card. There are several models available.

Connect with SMS codes on PC

Google Chrome 93 adds support for WebOTP API, through which it is possible to send the verification code from the mobile to a website that requests it on a PC, which was not possible until now than if it was a website open on the same mobile.

That is, if you sign up on a web page on your PC and a verification code is sent to your mobile, you can send it to the web with just one click, without having to copy it. For its operation, it is necessary that the same Google account is used on both devices.

Support for multiple screens in web applications

A targeted change right now for developers is better multi-monitor and multi-window support for web applications, with a new API that developers can start testing.

Other novelties

How could it be otherwise, Google Chrome 93 also includes lots of bug fixes, internal changes, and support for new experiences and standards. Among them, for example, updating the JavaScript engine V8 to version 9.3 or blocking HTTP, HTTPS or FTP connections at positions 989 or 990.

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