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If megastar Jennifer Lopez weren’t the focus of this film, the plot of the romantic comedy “Marry Me” would hardly be worth mentioning: Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a pop diva with a dazzling life.

Along with newcomer Bastian, she has one of the most-watched celebrity relationships in the world, including the hit single “Marry Me.” So the plan is to celebrate the dream wedding in front of an audience of millions – but everything turns out differently. The film starring Latin hit musician Maluma, Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman will be released in German cinemas on February 10. While the story isn’t exactly new, it’s only natural for Hollywood to wonder just how deep Lopez herself is into Kat Valdez.

Parallels to your own life

The 52-year-old’s private life has occupied the masses for decades: her early 90s career as a dancer was followed by hits like ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, accompanied by two marriages in 1997 and 2001, both of which lasted less than a year. Finally, she began a relationship with Hollywood star Ben Affleck, accompanied in 2003 by a lot of mischief about the joint film project “Love with Risk – Gigli”, which won the mockery award “Golden Raspberry” as “Worst comedy of the first 25 years of the award”. .

The engagement to Affleck fell through and Lopez reunited with Latino megastar Marc Anthony for a seven-year marriage, and they have two children together. After the split in 2011, public affairs followed, including with baseball player Alex Rodriguez and singer Drake — until finally the tabloids clapped when a renewed relationship with Ben Affleck became public knowledge in June 2021.

But if you shorten Lopez to this life in the headlines, you’ll miss the New Yorker’s decades of worldwide success as a musician, producer, presenter, actress and dancer: estimates assume that up to 80 million albums have been sold, the IMDB film database lists 67 awards and 176 nominations for her musical and acting work, on Instagram she is followed by around 195 million other accounts.

Singer, Actress, Star

And even his work in front of the camera has been frequently praised by critics. She made her breakthrough in the biopic “Selena – An American Dream” about the Latina singer who died in 1995 and is considered by many to be Lopez’s trailblazer. In “Out of Sight” under Steven Soderbergh, in the eyes of many fans, she made her best film as US Marshall alongside George Clooney, and most recently in the heartwarming striptease drama “Hustlers”, she has showed more facets than his worst critics wanted to concede.

With “Marry Me”, she now comments on her own superstar status as well as on the type of role with which she celebrated the greatest successes in films such as “Wedding Planner” or “Manhattan Love Story”: in as a charming main character in romantic comedies. “I really understand this life,” Lopez said in an interview about the film, which wrapped in 2019. a human in there.”

Marry Me – Married at First Sight, USA 2020, FSK from 0, by Kat Coiro, with Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman (dpa)